Some Custom PF1 Items for Witches

Just a few magic items I designed at request, to add to a haord that was supposed to include multiple witchy things.

Doomblood Athame
Aura necromancy; CL 8th
Slot none; Price 18,000 gp; Weight 0.1 lbs.
While this cold iron dagger is on your person or in your possession (it need not be welded), the first time each round a target makes a saving throw against a hex of yours, you may choose to take damage equal to half your hexcaster level (all levels in classes that give you access to hexes, or half your character level, whichever is higher) to create a blood curse. This damage bypasses any defenses you have, and cannot be recovered through spells or channeling (though hexes and other spell-like abilities, potions, and natural healing, work normally).
If you are affected by this damage, the target is sickened for 1 round. This duration can be extended with the cackle hex. This effect can be removed with a remove curse or remove disease, but requires a caster level check against a DC equal to 10 + your caster level. Once you have used the doomblood athame’s blood curse against a target, you cannot use it against that target again for 24 hours.
Additionally, when you use either the doomblood athame or a natural weapon or unarmed attack to attack a target that has failed a save against one of your hexes within the past 24 hours, you may use your hexcaster level as your bonus to attack (in place of your base attack bonus and any ability score bonus you would normally add to the attack), and your attack is considered bane against that target (an additional +2 to your attack roll, and +2d6 damage).
Requirements Craft Arms and Armor, must know a greater hex; Cost 9,000 gp

Slippers of the Glacier
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 8th
Slot feet; Price 6,000 gp; Weight 0.1 lbs.
You ignore all movement reductions and skill check penalties from ice, cold, snow, and other winter hazards (mundane or magical). Additionally, if you have hexcaster levels (levels in a class that give you access to hexes), once per day you can cause a whirlwind of snow and ice to surround and support you as if you were using the flight hex. (If you have the flight hex, instead double the number of times you can use levitate, or the number of minutes of fly you receive).
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, flight hex; CL 5th; Cost 3,000 gp

Ring of Favor
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 8th
Slot ring; Price 7,500 gp; Weight
This ring appears to be a tiny silver chain with a thorny rose vine intertwined among the links. However, when worn by a character who has the hex class feature, it changes form to look like their personal symbol of heraldry (or a thematically appropriate appearance if the character has no heraldry). When the witch casts a hex on an ally, they can choose to have this symbol appear briefly over the ally, as a sign of the witch’s favor.
When word by a character who has 3 or more hexes gained from classes or feats, this ring grants one bonus hex known while worn. If the wearer has 6 or more hexes, it grants 2 bonus hexes. If the wearer has 12 or more hexes, the ring grants 3 bonus hexes.
The bonus hexes must be selected from the following list: Ameliorating, Aura of Purity, Fortune, Healing, Protective Luck, Ward.
Once made, the selection of bonuses hexes cannot be easily changed. Each time a character gains a new level in a class that grants hexes, they may change what bonus hexes they gain from the ring.
Requirements Forge Ring, must have patron class feature, CL 8th; Cost 3,750 gp

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