Blaster, A Starfinder Class in 2 paragraphs and 1 sentence

Quick Base Classes are a design challenge to build a new character class (in this case, for Starfinder) using elements from existing classes, but doing so in a way that produces a very different play experience. I did a bunch of Quick Base Classes back in 2015 (specifically focusing on those I could create with “two paragraphs and one sentence”), but never got around to making any for Starfinder, despite having lots of ideas. Now that there are several more new base classes for Starfinder, some of those ideas are more easily finished. So, here’s a new Quick Base Class, designed to create a very different kind of ranged combatant.


(Art by warmtail. Hey, Starfinder characters can wear cloaks too, you know!)

Blasters are specialized evokers of energy, who use innate ability, magic, or psychic abilities (or even implanted super-science technology) to form and project powerful blasts of energy. They are valued as combat specialists, while also still understanding some of how the mystic world works. Use the HP, SP, skill points, class skills, and proficiencies of the vanguard. Dexterity is your key ability score. You gain a bonus combat feat (as the solider class feature) at 2nd level, and every 3 levels thereafter. At each class level you learn one evocation technomancer or witchwarper spell of your choice with a maximum spell level equal to 1/3 of your class level. The base save DC for these spells (if any) is equal to 10 +1/2 your class level +your key ability score, then modified by feats and other modifiers normally. You can cast each spell once per day, and may select the same spell more than once as you gain levels. When you recuperate*, you regain the ability to cast one spell of your choice you have already cast that day.

At 1st level you gain the Blast ability, which functions as the solar flare option of the solarian’s solar manifestation class feature which has the augmentation of any one solarian crystal of your class level or less (which you may change each time you gain a new blaster level). Treat your blaster level as your solarian level for this ability. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, you may add one energy damage type to those you can cause with your Blast. At 4th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, you may select an additional solarian weapon crystal you have available to add to your Blast. You can only have one crystal active at a time, and can change your active crystal as part of the action to make your first blast attack each round. When you gain a new level, you can change any one of your available solarian crystals. At 13th level, you gain solarian’s onslaught.

You gain no other class features.

*”Recuperate” is my proposed term for when a character takes a 10-minute rest and expends a Resolve point to regain Stamina points.

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