Converting PF1 spells to Starfinder: Emergency Force Sphere

Still converting Pathfinder 1st edition spells to Starfinder, but rather than grab the next spell in alphabetical order I’m hitting a Patron request (join my Patreon and you, too, can ask for your favorite spell to be converted next!). And that spell is emergency force sphere. (You can find an index of the spells that have been converted to-date here).

The PF1 version of this scales off PF1’s wall of force, and since Starfinder also has wall of force as the same level spell, scaling our converted emergency force sphere off that is fairly straightforward. Mostly the only conversion required is to change it from an immediate action casting time to a reaction, and specify when it’s considered purely defensive.

Emergency Force Sphere
Classes technomancer 4, witchwarper 4
School evocation [force]
Casting Time 1 reaction
Range 5 feet
Area 5-ft.-radius hemisphere of force centered on you
Duration 1 round/level (D)

This spell acts as wall of force, except you create a hemispherical dome of force with hardness 20 and 200 Hit Points. If cast as a reaction to an event that would damage someone within the spell’s area, it is a purely defensive action. The bottom edge of the dome forms a relatively watertight space if you are standing on a reasonably flat surface. The dome shape means that falling debris (such as rocks from a collapsing ceiling) tend to tumble to the side and pile up around the base of the dome. If you make a DC 20 Engineering check, the debris is stable enough that it retains its dome-like configuration when the spell ends, otherwise it collapses. Normally this spell is used to buy time for dealing with avalanches, floods, and rockslides, though it is also handy in dealing with ambushes.

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