Converting PF1 spells to Starfinder: Aberrant Lungs

Continuing the week’s trend of converting Pathfinder 1st edition spells to Starfinder, and the next spell in alphabetical is aboleth’s lung. (You can find an index of the spells that have been converted to-date here).

The PF1 version of this scales is 2nd level and let’s you breath water, but not normal air. In Starfinder, where every 1st level character has access to a suit of armor that has environmental seals, that’s not a spell anyne is going to take. Luckily, we can adjust spells as much as we want in a conversion like this. And, since I want to expand it’s duration and utility, I moved the name away from the water-environment-specific “aboleth.”

Aberrant Lungs
Classes mystic 1, witchwarper 1
School transmutation
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range 20 feet
Targets willing creatures in a 20-foot-radius
Duration 1 day/level

When you cast this spell, each target (and their equipment) becomes acclimated to breath in the prevalent atmosphere it is current in, as long as certain conditions are met, The atmosphere must be one that some unaugmented creature of the same type is naturally able to survive in without taking damage. For example, when cast on a humanoid on a world with a thick, corrosive atmosphere, as long as there exists somewhere some kind of humanoid able to survive in that atmosphere without being harmed by it, the target gains the ability to do so as well. This does not apply to conditions lacking any atmosphere, or to regions so harsh no creature of the same type can survive it unaugmented (for example, no humanoids exist that can survive on the surface of a sun).

While under the effects of this spell, a creature loses acclimation to their native atmosphere (but all their equipment that provides environmental support is also altered by the magic to support their new atmospheric needs). Though the caster cannot dismiss this spell when it is cast one someone else, a creature subject to this spell can dismiss it as part of any other action.

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