Converting the Witchwarper to PF1: Spell List

Another post working on our PF1 witchwarper. I’ve defined some key class features in draft form, and sketched out a class progression chart.

So, it’s time to think about what spells our witchwarper will get.

I’ve talked at length before about why I prefer not to create new spell lists for 3pp PF1 classes, but the short version is that it makes for a really long list, and it makes it difficult for GMs to easily use spells from other 3pp that were written without considering our 3pp class.

But that doesn’t mean we can create a list of spells no other class has. It just means we have to define it in ways no other class does.

So, we want a wide range of spells that feel like they allow you to pull things from other realities, and that have summoning and battlefield control as baselines. Let’s see what we can do.

“A witchwarper casts spells from the witch spell list, but only gains access to curse and mind-effecting spells if they are also on the sorcerer/wizard spell list at the same spell level, and does not gain access to any spell with the healing descriptor. They also add to their spell list all conjuration spells on the druid and sorcerer/wizard spell lists, except those with the healing descriptor. They do not gain access to any spell that requires access to a class feature they lack (such as a spell that affects your ability to use hexes, unless the witchwarpers has somehow gained hexes).”

Okay, that may not be perfect, but it gives a good range of conjuration and utility spells, without stealing too much thunder from any other spellcasting class. It will, at least, do as a place to start.

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