Converting the Witchwarper to PF1: Paradigm Shifts (Part 3)

Another post working on our PF1 witchwarper. We’re working on paradigm shifts, having written their category rules, and creating the warp pool yesterday and writing up our first two shifts yesterday. So, let’s see how many days we can go, converting 2-3 a day, until we run into our next design challenge.

Paradigm Shifts [2nd level]

Eldritch Secret
You can draw specific magic effects from other realities, allowing you to access spells normally not available to witchwarpers. Select one spell from an arcane or occult class’s spell list. It must be of a level no greater than 1 lower than the highest-level spell you can cast. (Alternatively, you can select one spell from a divine class’s spell list. It must be of a level no greater than 2 lower than the highest-level spell you can cast.) Add this to your list of witchwarper spells known.

You cannot select a spell that requires class features you do not possess. If you select a spell of a different source than your own spells (arcane, divine, or occult), it changes to be a spell of that type. You cannot select a spell available only to members of specific groups (such as worshippers of a specific deity) unless you are a member of that group. You cannot select a spell available only through archetypes, prestige classes, or class features other than “spells” (such as spells only available through an arcane school, bloodline, or domain).

Each time you gain the ability to cast a higher level of witchwarper spells, you may swap out the spell gained with this paradigm shift for a new spell of a maximum level no greater than 1 lower (or 2 lower for a divine spell) than the highest-level spell you can cast. You can select this paradigm shift more than once but cannot at any time have more than one additional spell known from this ability at each level of spells you can cast.

Overlapping Forms (Su)
As a standard action, you can overlay faint outlines of yourself from multiple alternate realities, giving yourself a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. At 5th level, you can expend 1 point from your warp pool when using this ability to instead give an ally you touch a +1 dodge bonus to AC. In either case, the bonus lasts for a number of minutes equal to your caster level. You cannot have overlapping forms active on more than one creature at a time–if you place it on a new creature while it is still active on a previous creature, the older use ends.

Prevent Wounds (Su)
As a reaction when you or an ally within 100 feet takes hit point damage, you can expend 1 point from your warp pool to prevent 1d4 points of that damage for every 2 witchwarper levels you have. You cannot prevent more damage than was dealt, and even if you prevent all damage any associated effects from the attack (such as disease or poison) still apply.

Okay, so far so good! I tweaked eldritch secret because there are SO many more spellcasting classes in Pathfinder than Sf, and the division between divine magic and arcane or occult is actually strong enough to impact spotlight time and class expertise. I also gave some general guidance to cover weird corner-case things that might have snuck into a game using other 3pp material. I wanted to split the different between allowing witchwarpers to select that paradigm shift all they want, and only being able to do so once, resulting int the “only one eldritch secret spell per spell level” rules, which I’m actually really happy with.

I altered overlapping forms to be a dodge bonus and extend its time, because the math in Pathfinder is much less tight than Sf, and while enhancement bonuses in Sf are rare, they’re common as heck in Pathfinder. This should make it useful, but not overpowering, at any level of play. I also added the one-at-a-time limitation because I extended the duration by x10.

Prevent wounds just got the note about carrier attacks, to make sure it can’t be used to shut down non-hp effects. It’s supposed to be preventative healing, not a way to negate anything that requires an attack roll.

As the project progresses, we’ll see what else crops up in these conversions!

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