Revised Magister for PF1 (Part 4)

We’re finally adding some genuinely new stuff to our Revised Magister class, for PF1. Having done the core mystic bond rules and updated all the original ones yesterday, now we get to start adding new mystic bonds! We begin by casting our envious eye at class features of the arcanist, bard, and bloodrager.

Arcane Reservoir (arcane) – The magister gains an arcane reservoir, as if she was an arcanist of the same level as her magister level. The magister gains one arcanist exploit at 5th level, and a second at 10th level, and may select them instead of a bonus feat when she gains magister bonus feats. The magister treats her magister level as her arcanist level for all magus arcana, and must meet their prerequisites. The magister also gains the consume spells class feature. She cannot select arcanist exploits that affect or depend on abilities or class features she does not possess.

Special: A magister with the divine power source who worships a deity or philosophy of magic can select this mystic bond without meeting its prerequisite.

(Art by Digital Storm)

Bardic Performance (arcane) – The magister gains the bardic performance class feature. She gains one of the following forms of performance at 1st level — countersong, distraction, fascinate, inspire courage — and can select another performance from that list she does not yet have at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level. She gains the following forms of performance at the listed level — inspire competence (5th), suggestion (6th), dirge of doom (8th), inspire greatness (9th), soothing performance (12th), frightening tune (14th), inspire heroics (15th), mass suggestion (18th). Her rounds of performance per day are equal to her magister level plus her Charisma modifier. This ability otherwise functions as if her magister level was her bard level. She does not gain versatile performance, well-versed, lore master, or jack-of-all-trades.

Special: A magister with the divine power source who worships a deity or philosophy of art, music, or song can select this mystic bond without meeting its prerequisite.

Bloodrage Bloodline (arcane) – This represents a link between extreme emotions and arcane magic, which may be part of the magister’s background or may have been bestowed by a ritual when the magister first gained magic powers. This grants the magister a bloodrager bloodline. The magister also gains a special kind of eldritch rage, which functions as the bloodrager’s bloodrage class feature (using the magister’s level as her bloodrager level), but has no effect on her ability scores, AC, or ability to cast spells. The magister gains the bloodline powers of the selected bloodline, and like a bloodrager they only function while she is in a bloodrage unless they specify otherwise.
When determining the powers granted by this bloodline, the magister’s effective bloodrager level is equal to her magister level. A magister that selects this option does not receive the bloodline’s spells as bonus spells known (unlike a bloodrager). However, bloodline’s bonus spells are added to the magister’s
primary spell list (see “Choosing Spells”). When she gains bonus magister feats, she may select them from the normal list of bonus magister feats, or from the bonus feats of her bloodrage bloodline.

Special: A magister with the divine power source who worships a deity or philosophy of anger, fury, rage, or wrath can select this mystic bond without meeting its prerequisite.

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