Revised Magister for PF1 (Part 7)

We start the week continuing with more new stuff for our Revised Magister class, for PF1. Having done the core mystic bond rules and updated all the original ones, today we continue to add new mystic bonds, delving into more of the hybrid classes that came out after the original magister was written.

Spirit Bond (divine) – The magister forms a bond with the spirits of the world. The magister gains a spirit from the shaman spirit class feature, The spells granted by that spirit are added to her primary spell list. At 1st level she gains that spirit’s spirit ability, at 8th level she gains its greater spirit ability, and at 16th level she gains its true spirit ability. She can select to gain a hex from her spirit instead of magister bonus feats at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th level. The magister treats her magister level as her shaman level for all abilities gained through the spirit bond.

Special: An occult magister who selects the spiritualist spell list as a primary or secondary spell list may select the spirit bond.

(Art by zhenliu)

Kenning Bond (arcane) – The magister turns to ancient poetry and sagas for secret ways to access and manipulate magic. Once per day, the magister can cast any spell on her primary spell list (see Choosing Spells for more information on magister spell lists) as if it were one of her magister spells known, expending a magister spell slot of the same spell level to cast the desired spell. Casting a spell with the kenning bond always has a minimum casting time of 1 full round, regardless of the casting time of the spell. At 6th level she can use the kenning bond to cast a spell from her secondary spell list. At 11th level, she can use this ability twice per day, and at 17th level, she can use it three times per day.

Additionally, the magister becomes a master of many different types of lore. At 1st level, and every 2 levels thereafter, she selects one Knowledge skill she can always take 10 on checks with, even if danger and distractions would normally prevent her from doing so. At 7th level, once per day, she can take 20 on any of the Knowledge skills she has selected with this ability as a standard action, instead of spending the normal time taking 20 requires. The magister can use this ability to take 20 on a Knowledge skill check twice per day at 13th level and three times per day 19th level.

Special: A divine magister who worships a god that grants the Knowledge of Magic domain can select the kenning bond.

Want More Professional Pathfinder 1st Edition?!

Hey folks! We’re not done with the Magister just yet — there are new and revised mystic talents and magister feats yet to come… but what do you want to see AFTER that?

I know there’s less-and-less material being produced for Pathfinder 1st edition by people who worked on the game as Paizo developers. If you want to encourage me to keep creating new options for this rule system, please consider joining my Patreon (or buying a cup work of support at my Ko-Fi) and letting me know!


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