Revised Magister for PF1 (Part 8)

Okay, moving on for now from mystic bonds for our Revised Magister class (for PF1), let’s take a look at some new mystic talents. I’d add even more in a final revised professional project, but for now this seems like a goodly number to show where my head is at.

We’ll do both some talents and advanced talents, for magister’s younger and older. 🙂

(Art by 9’63 Creation)

Mystic Talents: As a magister gains experience, she learns a number of talents that assist her in manipulating spells and other forms of magic. At 3rd level, and again at 7th, a magister gains one mystic talent. A magister cannot select an individual talent more than once. Talents marked with an asterisk add effects to a magister’s spellcasting ability. Only one of these talents can be applied to an individual spell and the decision must be made before the spell is cast.

Fain Casting (Ex): The magister can take the ready action to cast a spell. Rather than define a single condition to trigger her ready, she can select two (such as “As soon as a foe comes in range, or a member of our part takes damage.”) If either condition is met, she can cast an available spell she selects at the moment of casting (as long as it has a casting time of 1 standard action or less). Once she has cast one readied spell, she can no longer cast a spell in response to her other ready trigger, unless she readies again in a future round.

Spell Fuel (Ex): When casting a spell with a casting time of 1 standard action or less, the magister can drain the magic from a potion in her possession (it need not be in-hand, but cannot be in an extradimensional space such as a handy haversack or bag of holding) rather than expend a spell slot for the spell. The potion must be of a spell with a spell level of equal or greater level than the spell she casts, and she casts the spell with a caster level equal to the lower of her own caster level or the potion’s caster level.

Spindle Dance (Sp): The magister can summon an invisible, mindless, shapeless force to carry one rod, staff, or wand for her. This functions as unseen servant, except it cannot travel beyond her space, automatically travels with her, it can carry only a single object, and if the object is a rod, staff, or wand, the magister is considered to be wielding it, and can activate and use it as if it was in her hand (though she cannot make melee attacks with it as a weapon, but can make melee attacks for spells and abilities granted by the object). This is treated as a spell with a spell level equal to the highest-level magister spell she can cast.

Advanced Mystic Talents: At 11th, 15th, and 20th level, a magister learns further talents to assist her in manipulating spells and other forms of magic. She may gain one of the abilities described in the “Mystic Talents” entry or, if she prefers, one of the abilities described below. Advanced mystic talents follow the same rules as mystic talents.

Favored Target (Ex): The magister selects one favored enemy per 5 class levels, as the ranger class feature. She cannot select the same enemy more than once. This functions as the ranger ability, but the bonus to attack rolls and damage only applies to attacks and damage from spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. Additionally, favored enemies take a -1 penalty to saving throws against the magister’s spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities. These bonuses do not increase as she selects additional favored targets, they are always the base bonuses which she simply gets to apply to more and more enemies.

Shatter Arcana (Ex): The magister has learned to shatter the mystic matrix of a high-level spell slot into multiple lower-level spell slots. As a full-round action, the magister can expend a magister spell slot to regain low spell slots of lower level. The magister takes the spell level of the slot to be split, subtracts 2, then divides the remaining spell levels as she wishes to restore missing spell slots of lower level. For example, a magister could expend a 5th level spell slot to restore 3 spell levels (5 -2) of lower-level spell slots she has expended. She could restore one 3rd-level slot, one 2nd-level and one 1st-level, or three 1st-level spells. She cannot use this to gain more than her normal maximum number of spells per spell level, only to restore spell slots she has already expended.

Want More Professional Pathfinder 1st Edition?!

Hey folks! We’re not done with the Magister just yet — there are new and revised mystic talents and magister feats yet to come… but what do you want to see AFTER that?

I know there’s less-and-less material being produced for Pathfinder 1st edition by people who worked on the game as Paizo developers. If you want to encourage me to keep creating new options for this rule system, please consider joining my Patreon (or buying a cup work of support at my Ko-Fi) and letting me know!


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