Gatekeeper’s GM Rulings: Animal Companions

Having run the first session of my Gatekeepers game for PF2, I’ve now made some in-play GM rulings that alter the Rules-As-Written. These “Rule 0” calls were made during the game session, in consultation with all the players. I want to keep a written record of them both to share with people as they come up, and as a reference for myself and the players.

Both the Gm Rulings from Session 1 were about animal companions.

  1. An animal companion can take a reaction for purpose of using the aid another. The animal must take an action to prepare to aid, as normal.
  2. If a character is unconscious or dead, and their animal companion knows where they are, the companion will move to be adjacent to the downed character.

Neither of these is a major change, but I prefer to keep track of such things.


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