Let’s Create: Horrifically Overpowered PF2 Feats

Despite my marketing it as a product you should not use, and shouldn’t even buy, one of the most popular books I wrote for PF1 was “The Genius Guide to Horrifically Overpowered Feats.” In fact, it was so popular, we went on to produce 4 more “Horrifically Overpowered” PF1 books, and one “Horrifically Overpowered Feats” book for Starfinder.

So, obviously, I have to do at least one HOF (“Horrifically Overpowered Feats”) books for PF2. I was originally going to release one in early 2020 but… stuff… happened. So now I have part of a manuscript, a backlog of other projects that are late and higher-priority, and a tiny fraction of the time I can work each week.

Which, of course, is why my brain has been hammer on this project for days. And, since I also have an obligation to product blog posts for my Patreon backers, this seems like a great subject to get some gaming content back in these posts. Now, since my Tuesday posts are Patreon exclusive (until my Patreon reaches $1,500 a month). I’m not giving the full article here, which includes a design diary looking at how a Horrifically Overpowered feat is conceived and developed, from start to finish.

But I AM presenting 3 HOF that were the result of that development process. So you get the sausage here on my free blog, just not the longer article that shows how it was made.

(Art by Jesse-Lee Lang)

OVER ACTIVE          [Feat 1]
[General][Horrifically Overpowered]
You simply get more done in a few seconds than others. You gain a fourth action each round, which can only be used for Stride, Strike, or a manipulate action that is not an attack or the Cast A Spell activity. If you make a fourth attack in a round, it suffers the same multiple-attack penalty as if it was your third attack.

OVER REACTIVE          [Feat 1]
[General][Horrifically Overpowered]
You simple react more quickly than others. You gain a second reaction each round. You can’t use it to target a creature with an activity you have already targeted the same creature with this round.

[Archetype]-Dedication]Multiclass][Horrifically Overpowered]
Prerequisites Dexterity 14; Rogue Dedication or Rogue Class
Select a rogue’s racket you do not already have. You gain all the benefits of this racket, using your class level as your rogue level for any level-dependent calculations.
Special: This counts as a feat from the rogue archetype for purposes of the Rogue Dedication feat.

Now, I just need 20 more pages of Horrifically Overpowered Feats for PF2, and I can make a product!

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  1. Well, obviously the Rogue feat points to the necessary inclusion of similar feats for each class.I love the Action Economy booster feats. Actually, I love it all. I wouldn’t allow them in most PF2 games, but I have been know to run “overpowered” games on occasion. I’d definitely include them in those.

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