Now On Patreon: Designing Different Fighters for Pathfinder 2e

Today at my Patreon I talked about how easy it is to change what kinds of characters the fighter class creates by swapping out their shield block ability for some other fighting-style option. I did four options (for single-weapon-and-free–hand, two weapon fighting, two-handed weapons, and ranged weapons).

My Tuesday posts are Patreon-exclusive, so head over there if you want the full article (and sign up, if you haven’t already!). Once my Patreon hits $1500, I’ll go back to posting full Tuesday articles here on my blog.

However, as a taste of what’s over there, here is just one of those four options.

(Art by murat)

Free Hand Fighting
(Alternate fighter feature, replaces shield block)

When you have a 1-handed weapon in one hand and your other hand is completely free, and you take a manipulate action that takes at least one single action and only requires one hand, you can also Strike with the weapon in your other hand.

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