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STORYTIME: Why my Friend John bought me a New Microwave

A game night.
Popcorn in a bag.
A microwave that wasn’t up to code…

Storytime: How My Mother Saved Christmas

This is the story of a Christmas that helped define me, as a person.

Thanks forever, Mom. I love you.

Merry Christmas.

Storytime: Bloody Murder

A story about a nosebleed. So if that doesn’t appeal, don’t watch.

Storytime: Rebel Lieutenant

My amazing experience introducing new people to the Star Wars d20 RPG in 2000.

Storytime: Wide-Eyed, Wide-Mouthed Frog

A story I used to tell my niece and nephew, when they were young, now recorded at the request of my sister.

Storytime: French Food

The story of how, at the Knoxville World Fair, I learned to be suspicious of French food.

Why Lj Won’t Leave the House Today

This story is about spoilers.
But it only HAS spoilers for Attack of the Clones.


A funny story about the first time my parents heard me cuss.

I was on a boat.

A Typical Day at Paizo

It’s just like working anywhere else.

Just Experimenting

Letting the few folks finding these right now that I’m just experimenting with the space.
And that I’d welcome your feedback.
And that if the feedback is mean, I’ll cry.