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Contemplating 25 PF1 Alchemist-Hybrid Classes

What if there was a hybrid class for every conceivable combination of base, core, and occult classes?

Yes, it’d probably make a LOT more sense to just go with a full set of Talented Character Class write-ups, and let people mix-and-match themselves. For one thing, with 26 originating classes (as I’d treat the magus as a fighter/wizard hybrid class and the shifter as a druid/ranger, rather than either as a new base class), we’re talking about 650 classes. (And you think people complain about PF1 bloat NOW).

But, the idea still sticks with me. Which made me wonder, can I even come up with a core conceit for 650 hybrid classes? (Well, 638, since there are already 12 things I am treating as hybrid classes… )

So, I decided to take a look at one slice, of all potential alchemist hybrid classes. Not to write them at any level, just to see if I had ideas for each combination.

Here’s my initial list, for the alchemist (which already has the investigator as an alchemist/rogue hybrid).

Ragebringer (Alchemist/Barbarian – anger-based mutagens and elixirs) Brewester (Alchemist/Bard – drinks to make you happy, sad, or brave, and to fit any occasion) Glatisant (Alchemist/Cavalier – wide man of the court who rides a strange, ever-changing Questing Beast) Reliquarian (Alchemist/Cleric – priest that carries and empowers holy symbols and icons of the faith) Herbalist (Alchemist/Druid – uses secrets of nature to brew poultices and take on animal aspects) Steiner (Alchemist/Fighter – fights with weapon in one hand, mug of lord-knows-what in the other) Grenadier (Alchemist/Gunslinger – makes and fires strange alchemical grenades from a bombard) Antivenin (Alchemist/Inquisitor – for every divine foe, there is a potential alchemical antithesis) Phlogistor (Alchemist/Kineticist – distills anything down into its core eldritch elements) Lucid Dreamer (Alchemist/Medium – alter reality by projecting energy into your own dreams) Catalyst (Alchemist/Mesmerist – set up elixirs in yourself and others that are triggered by events) Purifier (Alchemist/Monk – use alchemy to purify the self to allow for better and more varied flow of ki) Psychomorph (Alchemist/Occultist – distill the essence of objects true nature into drinkable elixirs) Nectarian (Alchemist/Oracle – affected by the divine drink of the gods, not meant for mortal lips_ Alkahest (Alchemist/Paladin – Imbues substances with holy energy to undo any wicked force or creature) Orgonite (Alchemist/Psychic – Able to distill thought into matter, and matter into pure thought) Beastcrafter (Alchemist/Ranger – turns parts of your enemies into useful materials) Mutate (Alchemist/Shifter – slowly, intentionally becoming different than your beginning species) Uroboros (Alchemist/Sorcerer – create elixirs from your own vital energies and fluids) Ectoplasmic (Alchemist/Spiritualist – conjure spirit fluids with various effects) Metamorph (Alchemist/Summoner – use mutagens to become bizarre creatures with variable evolutions) ThiefFinder (Alchemist/Vigilante – an alchemical criminologist and mastermind) Leach (Alchemist/Witch – create imbalances in foe’s vital fluids to weaken them, or gain their power) Spagyric (Alchemist/Wizard – able to create much more potent elixirs, though not mutagens)

I doubt all of those ideas would survive contact with the design process, and some are pretty similar (do I really have two different ideas for the alkahest and antivenin?), but it’s a good enough starting point I’d feel like the idea had potential. I have no plans to make 24 more hybrid alchemist classes… but sometimes playing with an idea you know isn’t practical can lead to the development of an alternative you do like. It’s the game concept equivalent of doodling, with the goal not to produce a finished picture, but to see what interesting shapes evolve.

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Fireworks Mastery for Pathfinder

There are some great fireworks in Ultimate Equipment and Player Companion: Alchemy Manual. Jumping jenny’s, flame fountains, and so on. A lot of them can even do damage or cause effects, which is cool for adventures. But, sadly, they all have a very narrow range of character levels when they are useful, and that is both sad and limiting. While it makes sense for off-the-shelf fireworks, characters who are adventuring experts with explosives (alchemists in particular) are missing out on great, thematic, cinematic options by the non-scaling nature of fireworks.

So, given the season, we proudly present: The Pyrotechnist Discovery!

Pyrotechnist (Alchemist Discovery)

You can double the range (but not area) of any firework you use. When you set off a firework, you may expend one use of your bombs to add the bomb damage to any damage the firework does. You may not use any other talent that alters bomb damage when you do this. Also, any save DC of the firework uses its base DC or a DC of 10 +1/2 your ranks in Craft (alchemy) plus your Intelligence bonus, whichever is higher.

When you set off a firework, you can make a Craft (alchemy) check to focus the sounds and light from the explosion to specifically startle up to one creature per rank in Craft (alchemy) you have, no two of which can be more than 30 feet apart, all of which must be able to see or hear the firework. The DC of this check is the same as a Bluff check to feint the targets (make a single check and compare it to all the targets). Once you have attempted this ability, the DC to startle any creature who saw or heard the attempt goes up by +5 for 24 hours.

Additionally, you can alter the color, sound, and shape of fireworks in ways that have no effect on their range, size, or impact on the environment, but that can be used to convey concealed messages. Whenever you set off a firework you can convey secret messages (as the function of the Bluff skill) of up to 10 words by making a Craft (alchemy) check. Anyone who sees the firework can attempt to make a check to interpret your message, using Craft (alchemy) or Sense Motive, whichever of their skills has a lower bonus. If you have a chance to confer with a group for 5 or more minutes in advance about what message you will send them with fireworks, the DC for anyone else to understand increases by +20.

Finally, if you can cast spells or use alchemist extracts, you can always sacrifice a spell slot, prepared spell, or alchemist extract of 1st level or higher to cast snapdragon fireworks or pyrotechnics as a spell-like ability (using your caster level or alchemist level as the caster level, and calculating any save DCs as you do your spells or extracts).

This discovery can also be taken as a talent or feat by any character with a class feature that creates bombs.

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