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Science-Fantasy Curses

Starfinder has curses, but a lot of them feel surprisingly un-modern. Given the daily annoyances we all suffer, shouldn’t there be curse versions of the kinds of problems real-world people sometimes run into?

So, two new curses for Starfinder.

Credit Curse

Type Curse; Save Will DC 20
Effect The victim seems to have unreliable, unstable credit when any background check or monetary transaction takes place. the character has the level of equipment they can buy in any given location reduced by 1 item level, and must pay 10 credits more for any purchase of 100 credits or more, and 1 credit more for any purchase of 99 credits or less.

Cure the victim must buy credit fixing services, which cost 1 credit per level of the character. each time this is done, after 1 week the character is allowed a new saving throw.



Type Curse; Save Fortitude DC 15
Effect Whenever the victim uses a computer of any kind, including non-sapient robots and starship interfaces, they take a -2 penalty to all related skill checks and cannot take 10 on such skill checks, because the interface constantly suggests following a link to “free” pornographic entertainment options.

Cure The victim must succeed at a DC 15 Computers check to clear one computer system they use of all such links and offers, every day, for 7 days (or have the checks made for them). If any check fails, the 7 day timeline resets.

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