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Mighty Justiciar’s League: The Green Knight

Jessica Steele was raised with high expectation by her wealthy parents. They knew she could do anything she set her mind to, and they expected her to set her mind to being rich. They arranged for her to get into every gifted and talented program, every extraordinary summer camp, every corporate internship — whether she wanted to or not. Her parents assured her they didn’t care if she was a lawyer, a doctor, a CEO, or a judge — she could be whatever she wanted, as long as put her in charge and made her vast sums of money.

What Jessica Steele wanted was to help people. So when her engineering and material sciences degrees turned out to be her path to working for nonprofits and humanitarian groups, her parents disowned her.

She was thrilled.

She set about trying to make the world a better place by directly addressing human misery, especially natural disasters, and loss of personal mobility. A genius engineer without peer, she spent her career designing exosuits to protect first-responders and augment their ability to help in disaster situations, and to serve as mobility and qualify-of-life enhancements for people who for whatever reason needed help being able to move freely and care for themselves. Her more modest designs were often adopted by companies for those pruprosed, but she had to work on her pie-in-the-sky projects on her own time and using her limited financial means, because she beleived in designing beyond the limits of current technology. Her best ideas were spectacular, but she had yet to find a functioning power source to make them work.

When the heroine Thriae realized the planetary-scale villains Ægishjálmur, Disir, and Hodmedod had formed an alliance to invade the Earth and turn Empire City into a pan-dimension beachhead, she called every hero she could find to aid in stopping them, famously including Huntsman and Stormhammer. The battle that waged through Empire City crashed right into the office building where Steele did her private work, and civilians were hurt, trapped, and in danger. Rather than save herself, Steele immediately set about saving everyone she could, and coordinating to evacuate the area. In desperation, Steele grabbed some of her untested equipment that had extreme power needs, jacked it into a broken power main, and despite the risk to herself used it to rescue civilians trapped in collapsed sections of the building.

At the exact same time, the Spectrum Corps (who send sets of 7 Spectrum Weapons to each of the 667 Cosmic Anchors that stabilize the space-time continuum) concluded that the attack on Empire City could pose a direct threat to the Cosmic Anchor on Earth. None of the last wave of Spectrum Agents on Earth being active, the Spectrum Corps sent a new wave of Spectrum Weapons, each of which sought out its best possible wielder. Steele’s heroism caused her to be granted the Grün Zweihänder, making her Spectrum Agent Green.

Steele realized the sword could power her most advanced armor, and successfully saved everyone she was aware of trapped or hurt. Then, the invasion still ongoing, she immediately joined the fight. Later, she become a founding member of the Mighty Justiciar’s League.

(Art by Jacob Blackmon)

The Green Knight’s major foes include the Amber Warlord, Blue Knight, Necromancer Noir (all Spectrum Corps Agents), Gray Guardsman (a rogue military agent with a suit of powered armor that can neutralize Spectrum Weapons), Decker Damocles (A Chaos Telepath working to destroy the Cosmic Anchor), The Color Out of Space (An ancient split-off of the Spectrum Corps), Piper Steele (The girl Jessica’s parents adopted when they disowned her, who wants to prove her desire to rule everything makes her better than Jessica), the Jarl, Slaymaster, Plasmaman, Megagunmech, Fade, Croc King, Jacoline Glaive (international arms and mercenary dealer), and, more than any other, Chainbreaker Master of the Chains of Power.

Favored plotlines include Devil in the Painkillers, Enemies at the Gates, Green City, The Grün Guards, Lights of the Round Table, Origins of the Spectrum!, Revenge of the Jarl, Verte Challenge, Verte Restored, Verte Twilight, Weapon Wars, and Zweihänder Zero.

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