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Seven Virtuous Feats of Charity, No. 3

I continue to look at Seven Virtuous Feats of Charity, given the season calls for virtue more than sin.🙂

Better to Give
You can create a beneficial aura for others at a cost to yourself.
Prerequisites: Charitable, Cha 13.
Benefit: You can create a beneficial aura as a standard action. This causes you to take a -3 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, the save DCs of your abilities, your armor class, and all skill checks and ability checks. All your allies within 60 feet gain a +2 bonus to one of the following: their attack rolls, their saving throws, their skill and ability checks. each ally gets to pick it’s benefit at the beginning of its turn before taking any other actions. You do not gain these bonuses.

The aura ends at the beginning of your turn unless you take a move action to maintain it for 1 round. The bonuses end immediately when the aura ends, but you continue to take the penalties for 1d4-1 rounds.

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