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Today is Not Everything

One Day at a Time is fine, useful advice. You don’t have to handle everything. You don’t have to decide to do the hard thing, or the right thing, forever. You only have to decide about today.
I have used it often. I applaud everyone who gets support from it.
But there’s another truism I find crucial, that without which I could not function.
Today is Not Everything.
I can’t promise “It’ll get better,” or “Good things come to those who wait.” I’m not peddling hope-based faith in a better tomorrow. Sadly, I know people who have had the future always be worse than their past.
But some days *I* still need to know that Today is Not Everything.
If I ask myself “Am I so depressed I can’t risk seeing any human being other than my wife?” Sure… today.
“Am I so exhausted dealing with social pressure, financial demands, and personal expectations I broke down in tears?” Sure… today.
“Is my brain convincing me that the world is a black pit from which no joy or hope can escape?” Sure… today.
But Today is Not Everything.
So the things my depression refuses to let me overcome today?
They might be different Tomorrow.