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Lord of Leftovers #Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Lord of Leftovers. You can benefit from the drabs and crumbs others have given up on. Prereq: Int 13. A number of times per day equal to your Int bonus, you can take a full-round action to scrape together enough of an already-used consumable (such as a potion, or alchemical imbibed substance, or a magic muffin) to gain a limited version of its benefits. If it grants a numerical bonus, you gain only half the bonus. If it doesn’t have a numerical bonus but has a duration, you only gain half the duration. If it doesn’t have a numerical bonus or duration but has a random benefit, you gain the minimum benefit.
#Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Feast #Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Feast. You can lay out a massive, amazing spread for friends and allies. Prereq: Brew Potion or a bonus to an appropriate Craft or Profession check (that comes form a source other than ability bonus and skill ranks) or 5 ranks of an appropriate Craft or Profession skill.
It takes you one hour and 5 gp per person to create a massive feast, for a maximum number of creatures equal to half your level (minimum 1) + your Int or Wis bonus (whichever is higher). People can eat while you prepare the feast (though doing so provokes attacks of opportunity – you have your wooden spoon in hand, right?), or eat after it’s all ready which takes at least 30 minutes.
Each person that participates may choose one of the following benefits: regain a single use of an ability with a daily limit, regain a single expelled spell slot, heal hp as if receiving a day of bed rest, make a save against an affliction or condition that allows a save once per say (with no penalty for failure), or restore one point of ability damage to each damaged ability score. You cannot benefit from your own Feast unless you have at least 1 helper per 5 people served. Helpers must meet the prerequisites for this feat, though they need not have it.
A character cannot benefit from more than one Feast per day unless they have the ability to eat multiple days worth of food (such as from the Overindulge feat, or some of the Sinful Feats of Gluttony), in which case the character can benefit one additional time in a day for every full day’s worth of food it can eat.
#Microfeats #Thanksfeating

At Least It Isn’t Raining #Microfeats #Thanksfeating

At Least It Isn’t Raining
When things get bad, you become increasingly grateful they aren’t worse. When you are suffering from an ongoing affliction or condition imposed by a foe, you gain a +1 morale bonus to saves from other effects that impose new afflictions or conditions. After a number of rounds equal to your level you get used to an affliction or condition, and no longer count it towards the number that provide you with a bonus. #Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Overindulge #Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Overindulge. You can stuff yourself to the gills. Prereq: Con score higher than your Wisdom score. You can eat up to three days of food without injuring yourself, and your body digests it over three days. Eating more than this results in nausea for a number of hours equal to each additional day worth of food consumed.
Additionally, if you have doses of consumable food or drink that normally require a move action to prepare and a standard action to imbibe, as a full-round action you may draw and imbibe two such consumables.
#Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Return the Favor #Microfeats #Thanksfeating

Return the Favor. Prereq: Good or lawful alignment. When a creature heals you, gives you a moral bonus, gives you an AC bonus, gives you a bonus to saving throws, or takes damage that would normally have been dealt to you, you are inspired to aid and protect that creature. You may choose to activate this feat as a free action immediately after the triggering event, granting the helpful creature a +2 bonus to AC and saving throws for 1 round if it is adjacent to you, or if a ranged attack or effect’s path to the creature goes through a square adjacent to you. You may only active this feat once per day for any given helpful creature.
If you are 8th level or higher, the bonus lasts for 2 rounds. If you are 16th level or higher, the bonus lasts for 3 rounds.
#Microfeats #Thanksfeating