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Storytime: My First Moat

It was neither as intentional, nor as convenient, as one might hope in a major structural defense.

Storytime: One Wedding and a Funeral

Sometimes, everything comes at you at once.

STORYTIME: Why my Friend John bought me a New Microwave

A game night.
Popcorn in a bag.
A microwave that wasn’t up to code…

Storytime: How My Mother Saved Christmas

This is the story of a Christmas that helped define me, as a person.

Thanks forever, Mom. I love you.

Merry Christmas.

Storytime: Bloody Murder

A story about a nosebleed. So if that doesn’t appeal, don’t watch.

Storytime: Rebel Lieutenant

My amazing experience introducing new people to the Star Wars d20 RPG in 2000.

Storytime: French Food

The story of how, at the Knoxville World Fair, I learned to be suspicious of French food.

Why Lj Won’t Leave the House Today

This story is about spoilers.
But it only HAS spoilers for Attack of the Clones.


A funny story about the first time my parents heard me cuss.

I was on a boat.

A Typical Day at Paizo

It’s just like working anywhere else.